Kom Kom No 017 (7.5" Miracle Double Edge Multipurpose Peeler) 1pc



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  • Product Code: 0300506801

Size : 19 cm x 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm

Handle length : 10.5 cm

Material : High Grade Cutlery Stainless Steel

Colour : Yellow with Black

Shape : Scalloped blade

Product Features : 

  • Multipurpose, all part can be used
  • Knife steel is hardened and tempered
  • Outstanding Sharpness
  • Easy to use
  • Specially for left-handed and right-handed
  • Perfect for paring, carving, peeling and coring.
  • The sharp straight-edged blade easily peels, pares, and carves fruits and vegetables.
  • Rotate at an angle to easily peel larger fruits.
  • Made in Thailand.

Direction of using (behind packaging with picture) :

  1. Paring (small fruits and vegetable skin) : Put blade on top of fruits with gently press and peel it up or down.
  2. Paring (large fruits and vegetable skin) : Wind the black part counter clock-wise at right angles before peel.
  3. Carving : Wind the black part counter clock-wise until the sharp end points out. Use this part to stab to the center of fruits or vegetables, v-shaped will be seen. Keep doing round the fruit will get a beautiful fruit decoration.
  4. Peeling : Use the protrusion on the front part for peeling rambutan, oranges, etc, by pressing it on the pole and slit to the bottom.
  5. Coring : Insert the hollow handle end into the center until the end, turn slightly and pull out.

Clean and wash after using.

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